Sell with our agency

L'immobilière Diederich offers you the following services:

Accurately assessing the value of your property is a task that requires specialized expertise!
The key to optimizing your chances of making a quick sale lies in pricing your property correctly from the start.
By choosing our agency to orchestrate the sale of your property, you benefit from comprehensive support, which goes far beyond a simple sale!

How it works:

Step by step

Before putting your property up for sale, we carry out a valuation:
Our agency's assessment of the value of your property is a meticulous process. Our valuations take into account the latest trends in the property market, providing you with an accurate and up-to-date view of your property's value. Your agent will explain in detail the methodology used to arrive at the valuation and will be happy to clarify any points or answer any questions you may have, ensuring total transparency.

The mandate

Once we have validated the price of your property, our agency will prepare all the documents needed to formalise the sale. We will ask you for the information required to complete your file. The mandate and additional documents can be signed either in person or remotely, depending on what suits you best.

Preparing the advert

To show your property to its best advantage, a member of our team will create a virtual tour, a 2D plan of your property and a photographer will come and take high-quality photos. Before publication, we will provide you with an extranet link to access the ad, giving you the opportunity to validate it. This step ensures that the presentation of your property best reflects its value and potential.

Publishing your property

Our agency will disseminate your property advertisement through a multitude of channels: it will be published on our website, as well as on renowned platforms such as athome and vivi, not forgetting active promotion on social networks. At the same time, we will inform potential customers directly from our database, which currently includes over 5,000 prospects actively looking for a new home. This multi-layered approach maximises your visibility and greatly increases the chances of finding the right buyer quickly.

24/7 access to our extranet

Each seller will have exclusive access to our extranet, enabling real-time monitoring of the progress of the sale of their property. This dedicated space will display scheduled visits, appointments made, as well as detailed reports after each visit. We ensure that every aspect of the sale is accurately recorded, giving you complete and continuous visibility, eliminating the need to wait for updates.

The sales agreement

When a buyer makes an offer that you accept, the two parties sign a preliminary sales agreement (compromis de vente). This document, which sets out the principle of the agreement, is generally considered to be binding, unless there are specific suspensive clauses, such as obtaining bank credit. Our agency facilitates this process by carrying out a rigorous solvency check on the buyer beforehand. This key stage enables us to prepare effectively for the sale, ensuring a smooth transition to the signing of the deed of sale with the notaire.

The big day - Signing the deed of sale with the notaire

Once the suspensive clauses stipulated in the compromis de vente have been lifted, it's time for all parties involved to head to the notary's office to sign the acte authentique de vente. At this crucial stage, you won't be alone: an agent from our agency will be at your side, offering full support and personalised assistance during this official signing. We are committed to simplifying this process, ensuring a smooth transition and a peaceful conclusion to the sale of your property. What's more, on the day of signing, our agency will also take care of reading the electricity, gas and water meters, ensuring that all the administrative formalities are taken care of efficiently.

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